Specialist Studio Practice 3 – External job

28th February & 4th March 2016

I was approached by the local business owner of Africanos World who I have photographed for previously, to photograph some products for his website. He is working with graphic designer Matt @ Graphically Gifted – for the website itself, so we are all working in conjunction. The brief was to get basic product shots on a white backdrop of the majority of his stock – African food products. I would then sort them out and send them, unedited to Matt and he would cut them out and incorporate them into the website. I used my mini studio kit with a white backdrop and white ambient lights to achieve the shots. He provided transport for me with him to the Unit in Keighley where the products are stored and the main office for Africanos World is. I set up my studio kit and he also had one so I used parts of his and parts of mine to get the white background, 2 light sources look we were after.

(See images in folder)

Overall I feel the shoot went quite well. However because the lights I use for this kind of shoot are ambient white lights (to avoid the glare of a flash light on some of the packaging), if I wanted the shutter speed to be quite fast to stop camera shake, it would make the lighting go funny and one side would become darker and yellow looking, and this would vary between each shot. This was frustrating and I had to work with it, so I adjusted the aperture to a higher number to not let as much light in, then took the shutter speed down (slower) to avoid this happening. It worked quite well. A ‘product shot rule’ would be to use a tripod – but because of all the different types and sizes of products it would have taken me even longer using a tripod because of having to adjust it all the time. Also because some of the products were in packets I could only photograph them lying down to get the label in properly and so that they didn’t directly reflect the light back at the lens. I will remember this for next time – as I was stood/bent over photographing this time, but next time I will sit at eye level with the table they were on.

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