Specialist Studio Practice 3 – External job

25th March 2016

The business owner of Africanos World came back to me with more products to photograph for his website. He is working with graphic designer Matt @ Graphically Gifted – for the website itself, so we are all working in conjunction. The brief was to get basic product shots on a white backdrop of the majority of his new stock – African food products. I would then sort them out and send them, unedited to Matt and he would cut them out and incorporate them into the website. He provided transport for me with him to the Unit in Keighley where the products are stored and the main office for Africanos World is. I set up my studio kit and he also had one so I used parts of his and parts of mine to get the white background, 2 light sources look we were after. I used the mini studio kit with a white backdrop with white ambient lights to achieve the shots. (I carried out the same procedure as last time but learnt from my mistakes). I adjusted my settings so that the lighting didn’t look yellow in parts however in some shots it kept doing that and I’m not sure why. I will keep an eye on that in future. I also secured myself sat on a stool that was just above eye level with the table so I wasn’t getting camera shake whilst using a slower shutter speed.

(See images in folder)

Within this shoot Francis (Africanos World owner) also wanted to put together some hampers to photograph, as this is an upcoming option he will be advertising, so this time round there was more arranging involved and this challenged my abilities and refined my eye because I had to make sure although there were multiple items in the shot, that each of their labels were showing properly and that I kept my eye on every item at once to get them in all their glory. Once again I was to then select down to the best few shots of each item (showing them from different angles too and showing them in multiples and singles regarding the packages people can buy) and send them to Matt who would then edit them and cut them out onto a white background to integrate into the website. I feel this shoot went better than the first and I am constantly improving in this area of photographing product shots. It is also a compliment to me as a photographer that Francis keeps coming back to me with work and is happy to have all my images used on his website. Before leaving the shoot Francis gave me some coffee and other goodies for me to have, but he also asked that I create a video showing how to make the coffee in a cafetiere – as he said a lot of African people don’t actually understand the concept of using a cafetiere, but for them to buy the coffee they need to know how to use it. So he asked me to create a video as well as the photographs, to put on the website. So I used my tripod and filmed myself making the coffee. I just need to edit the video and send it to Francis which I can now do efficiently now that I have a Mac desktop (iMovie).

I really enjoy collaborating with people to create an end product!

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