Specialist Studio Practice 3 – Meeting towards project research

23rd March 2016

Being part of my Church I attend a discussion group called ‘Life group’ every other week, where we watch a dvd teaching from our pastor and we get a booklet that we can write in and we have to answers questions based on the teaching and our own opinions/ways about things. This week it was on relationships (how apt for my project!). This provided direct inspiration and research for me towards my project and understanding of people. It was interesting to hear everyones input and view points on relationships, as well as seeing how everyone interacts with one another at Life group – as we are a diverse range of ages and from a range of different backgrounds. The first question of the discussion was “What are the most important ingredients in a relationship?”. Based on a teaching from one of the books in the Bible it talked about what togetherness really is/means, about honesty (being honest with yourself and with others), sincere love and how we develop love for one another, about how true relationship grows from a place of honesty and being transparent with each other. The next questions in the discussion part were “On a scale of 1-10 how honest are you with the people around you?” and “On a scale of 1-10 how quick are you to recognise that you are at fault in a situation?”. All interesting stuff. The teaching then went on to talk about honour and how we honour each other by adding value to each other. One of the sentences in the booklet was “Valuing others more does not mean valuing yourself less.” It went on to talk about the ways in which we can add value (honour) to each other. It then went on to talk about how God in us helps us to see the value in people and His grace towards us helps us have grace towards others. The last discussion points/questions were “Looking at the list of ways we can honour people… How good are you at honouring other people?” and “If God [His qualities] is a key ingredient in good relationships – how often do you actively invite him into your relationships? Maybe remembering his grace towards you might help you have more grace towards others?”. As a Christian this session really helped me learn and discuss my thoughts (coming from the perspective of believing in and knowing God). It also helped spark thoughts within me around the way I relate to other people and how I am within my relationships – close but also not so close relationships. I always want to extend grace and love to the people around me, and this is something I believe comes through in my photography, and is a key basis for my project but also my business and being a photographer as a whole.

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