Specialist Studio Practice 3 – Second Year MUA’s shoot

16th March 2016

I collaborated and photographed for the Second year MUA’s at Bradford College (however I later found out later there were actually a mixture of different year groups as my tutor had arranged with their tutor beforehand) towards their assessments and portfolios. Before arriving at the shoot I had no idea what to expect and what kind of looks I would be photographing, so this was a great opportunity to improvise with my skills and creativity e.g. with what lighting would be appropriate for each look. This was a great session and out of my class, I (and two others) were the only ones to show up to photograph, and then I ended up doing the majority. I photographed 5 different make up looks that were all very unique and this tested my abilities in creating the right mood for each look – to suit the style and the story behind each look. I enjoyed branching out and photographing looks that I wouldn’t do usually for example special effects (the first look) where it involves a storyline and lots of blood! I also enjoyed meeting new people, working alongside them, catching their ideas and sharing in our creativity and enthusiasm. I also got creative in post process because I experimented successfully with adjusting different colours to suit each look and going beyond in my own imagination and ability. Post process was however an extremely lengthy process and took me a whole week, editing none stop to finish all of the photos. This was down to editing the background on the first images and then retouching the skin on all of the images, editing all the straying hair on each image of the Chinese model (because the lighting showed it up even more, and the MUA asked me if I could do this) and the specific requirements the MUA asked me to edit on the bridal images. The main factor that took me so long was because of the amount of images I chose to edit. I am still working on my editing and selecting down and with this shoot I struggled with it – so I ended up editing a lot of images per shoot and very generously providing a lot of edited images for the MUA’s. One of the MUA’s nearer to the end of my week of editing told me however that in previous shoots with photographers the photographer has sent them all the unedited images to choose the specific ones they want editing which they send back to the photographer to be edited. This didn’t cross my mind at first but it made much more sense than having to edit almost all of them!! So I’ll do this from now on when photographing for MUA’s.

As a result of this shoot(s) I got a lot of recommendations throughout the college and the MUA’s were very impressed with my work – I even got a written reference from one of them which I believe is proof of all my hard work and my consistency, knowledge and professionalism as a photographer. See my research folder for all my emails and communications with the MUA’s.

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