Specialist Studio Practice 3 – Shoot towards my project

28th March 2016

Swinsty Reservoir Walk with Church family

My Church arranged a walk around Swinsty Reservoir just to spend some time together and because it was a lovely day! This was a great opportunity for me to take my camera and focus in on the moments and connections I saw happening around me. The fact that I know these people very well is an advantage because I can anticipate moments that might happen and the way people interact and their mannerisms. I was looking at things like facial expression, body language and how people group together and relate to one another.

Here are my images:

This was an interesting shoot and in some ways I was able to capture what I wanted, but because of my position within the crowd, especially once we started walking, it was difficult to get the shots I was imagining, although I think there are a couple of definite shots in the bunch. It was also quite difficult to get the more intimate/close shots because of the location being out in the open, and for example the children wanting to run ahead – although this did add to the shots as I got them chasing each other. This walk was a hub of activity so I had to keep my eyes sharp – whilst also contending with the windy weather!

Some of the shots that I think work best are: the two men (Ian & Steven) chatting together, Zach holding the lead of the dog (Zeb) whilst being watched over by his sister in law (Claire), the greeting of a hug between the two girls (Becca & Beth), the tall boy (Craig) & the smaller girl (Alyssa) comparing shoe sizes, the four men (Steven, Adam, Paul & Ian) all stood looking to the right hand side at something going on outside of the frame, the man (Simon) with the boy (Dan) in the pram smiling as he comes into the crowd of people and Zach holding Claire’s hand (from behind). I like the symbols of relationship within these images and because I know the people and their connection to one another specifically, that’s why I specifically snapped those shots.

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