Specialist Studio Practice 3 – Shoot towards my project

20th March 2016

Church Family

I photographed my Church family towards my project at Christian Life Church, Shipley. At my Church there are around 200 people (quite small compared to other Churches) and there is a real sense of genuine family, love, connection, intimacy and care between people. Unlike some people’s view of what the Church is like, we believe it isn’t just a meeting, but a lifestyle and we aim to live life to the fullest, which includes having true/genuine relationships and creating an environment where people can feel instantly accepted and at home. My relationship with God and my part within this Church has shaped me as a person and I would say this is actually one of my main inspirations for my project; because of my immediate experiences with this wonderful group of people. I wanted to capture this so I took my camera this Sunday and photographed people without them realising – as I didn’t want to get posed shots, but more natural occurrences between people.

I feel as though I captured some interesting moments between people here. I wanted to get genuine reactions and interactions, whatever this looked like – as being part of a family means you go through everything together, the good and the bad. I particularly like the images where raw emotion is being shown for example in facial expressions in conversations like the man in the black t shirt with his hands in his pockets (Steve), the young lady (Rebecca) holding the new baby (MiMi) for the first time, the couple (Matt & Anca) having a serious chat and (Matt) looking intently into her eyes, the boy (Seth) crying whilst dad is trying to get him ready to go, and the last image where the man (Adam, pastor of the Church) is looking at a younger man (Josh) with a relaxed expression on his face – one of love, being proud of him, happy with him and a deep sense of appreciation for him and his life. I want this real, raw message to come across in my final images because it is the very essence of what I aim to capture.

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