Specialist Studio Practice 3 – Shoot towards project

23rd March 2016

Paddy & Grandad

I photographed my Grandad & his Grandson Patrick (Paddy), because of the strong bond they have together. My Grandad isn’t related by blood, as my Grandma re-married after she had her children (including my Mum!) – however Alan (Grandad) is wonderful and has contributed hugely to the lovely relationship our whole family has together. My Grandma & Grandad’s house is the hub/base for the whole family – and have people walking in at any moment of any day(!) showing how close we are as a family. Patrick is my cousin, my Auntie’s (Mum’s sister) youngest boy. Throughout his life thus far though, he has one of the strongest bonds with his Grandad. My Auntie has her own business so whenever she was working he would be looked after by Grandma & Grandad, and because of this it has enabled this bond to form and grow between them. I get emotional when thinking about the bond these two share, as it is so special. Grandad refers to Paddy as his ‘best mate’. Grandad has taught Paddy ‘everything he knows’ and they share so many common interests and knowledge. Paddy loves everything to do with trains and Grandad has educated him in them since he was tiny. Patrick has also recently developed a love for fighting/wrestling/boxing (as many young boys do!) and in this shoot we see Grandad and Paddy watching his favourite film at the moment – Real Steel, after getting home from school.

Here are my images:

I felt this shoot was a real success. I managed to capture authentic moments between them because they are used to me, and I just sat in the room and watched the film with them, taking the shots whenever I saw a moment. They are also so used to me being with my camera! They were doing a mutual activity which also got them talking and sharing different emotions. They then went on to practice their fight routines and ‘moves’ they both know/share. The love that Grandad has for Patrick really shows through his eye contact with Patrick and how relaxed he is in these images. It is also evident in their body language towards one another. I especially love the way Grandad humours Patricks strength in some of the images where they are fighting together.

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