Specialist Studio Practice 3 – The Photography Show 2016 (Student Conference)

22nd March 2016

I visited The Photography Show in NEC Birmingham. I have been here many years previous however this time was different. I feel that each year I’ve gone to The Photography Show with a different approach in what I’m looking for and where I’m at with my photography and in myself. I feel that this year I was going with an open mind but also looking passionately, keeping in mind about the end of year show I’ll be putting on with my colleagues in June and thinking for my future business, and how I want to be and see things as a professional photographer. I felt more in tune with everything this year, as in previous years I have felt quite overwhelmed and ended up taking a step back rather than diving in head first – which I feel I did this time round! This was a wholeheartedly enriching experience for me and it was exciting because it inspired me and gave me so many ideas for my business. I priced up different equipments, learnt of new brands I’d never seen before, met new people, looked at all the different printing stalls and even stalls that sell props for photographing babies! This year I really feel I took it seriously and because of my change in mindset, I learnt so much more and gained knowledge I could take with me for future reference. I also booked myself onto to The Student Conference here. I haven’t done this before whilst being at The Photography Show, however I felt for £5 it would give me priceless knowledge that would help me in my journey (as all 3 of the talks were heavily aimed at making the transition between uni and working life – specifically going into business). There were 3 speakers: Casey Guttering – freelance photographer who has worked for many well known publications and has photographed a lot of famous people(!), Ryan Welch & Jacob McCarthy of Welch Weddings – they have built up their own business and gave incredible tips that really helped me(!) and Steven Clarey – A sports photographer that has worked for some well known names in the sports world and travelled all over the world with his photography. I spoke to Jacob McCarthy & Steven Clarey on the day as there was time to talk to them afterwards and it was great to make connection with these savvy people. I could relate to almost everything said in this conference and it benefitted me greatly! I also made contact with each of the photographers/businessmen either by email or on social media for future reference. Steven Clarey even said that he would pass on any portrait/weddings jobs to me if he comes across any in the future!

Here are some of the images I took (on my phone, so I understand they are really bad quality!) at The Photography Show & Student Conference:

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