Specialist Studio Practice 3 – Mentoring

30th March 2016

I met up with my life mentor – Paul Graham, whom I have known since 2007 and have been meeting up with since 2011. This man has helped me tremendously throughout my life and has been supporting me since the get go. In every sense he has helped me and I am so thankful that I know him. He is full of wisdom and always has a wholesome thing to say. I met up with him on 30th March 2016 to catch up, however we got talking about my photography specifically and we talked about how everything was going with it – with my Degree work, with the photography jobs I have outside of my degree, and we talked about future plans for my photography and where I want to go with it and how I will practically do that. One of the main things that impacted me from this meeting though was that we were brainstorming ideas and really diving into what it is I’m passionate about and why I do photography in the first place. I wrote some notes from this meet up (see folder) where we were really thinking about the purpose of my photography and what I can give to people through photography, as it is so powerful. I came away from this meeting feeling even more passionate about what I do and even more inspired.

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