Specialist Studio Practice 3 – Collaboration

19th April 2016

As a result of the studio shoot with the 2nd year MUA’s I had built a relationship with the Bridal MUA, Thalia Sparrow. She requested me to photograph another of her looks towards her assessments as she was thoroughly impressed with my work from the last shoot. We corresponded through Facebook and email and arranged the shoot. I booked the studio in advance and we were all set to go. She wanted a grungy type lighting effect as the make up was special effects on a girl giving the appearance of being battered to the head. Her inspiration was from the film Casino Royale, in the torture scene. She wanted a very dark background but with a spotlight on the model whilst she looked like she was tied to a chair. I set this up and shot and she was quite happy with it all. The only frustrating thing was that my triggers were being a little faulty (maybe the batteries were low) which kept me firing blanks and having to wait a long time for the light to co-operate. Throughout the shoot however I made sure I kept communicating with the MUA about everything I was doing and thinking. This helped ease any awkwardness that could have been caused by the faulty triggers.

Overall I believe the shoot went well and I always clarify with whoever I’m working with that they are happy with the shots before I finish. Learning from my mistakes in past shoots, I sent all the unedited images to Thalia and let her pick the specific shots she wanted for the look for me to edit. This cut down on the time editing hugely as it was more focussed in to just the two final shots. I admired how she selected down very well and I learnt something from her, because she was wanting to create a look so specific and she knew exactly what she wanted the images to look like. The post process was a challenge and it stretched my abilities in editing on Photoshop which was a really good thing. Thalia and I corresponded through email and I would keep her updated with what I was editing and whether it was the aesthetic she wanted or not. This was a great experience for me and helped me grow in communication with the client and the co-operation involved in working as a team to create the perfect end product for the concept needed.

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