Specialist Studio Practice 3 – Interlinking Modules

19th April 2016

Over the past year I have researched, brain stormed, been inspired and written a 5,000 word dissertation towards my other module: Specialist Photography Contexts 3. I handed this in on 19th April 2016. I linked the content of my writing in my dissertation towards my Final Major Project as they went in conjunction with one another. The name of my dissertation was ‘Relationships within portraiture’.

Within my dissertation I explored Portrait photography, Social Documentary Photography, The Subjective View of the photographer and the subject as well as the viewer, ‘The Informal Portrait’ (a mix between portraiture and social documentary), the work of Nick Waplington’s series & photo book ‘Living Room’, the work of Richard Billingham’s series and photo book ‘Ray’s a laugh’, the work of Martin Parr’s series and photo book ‘The Last Resort’ and I concluded with analysing the differences and similarities between these photographers and how they all achieve a similar style of photography but each have differing intentions behind their work. I also spoke of how communication is key in wanting to get the style of shots these photographers achieve (snap shot aesthetic). This relates to all 3 modules because everything I have written about is what I am exploring professionally in Specialist Professional Practice 3 and photographically/aesthetically in Specialist Studio Practice 3, within the way I take photos. These 3 photographers are also my main inspiration for my Final Major Project, as in some shoots I have been attempting to shoot in the same style, but with my own intentions behind my work – and I have seen how this has compared to the outcome of their work.

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