Specialist Studio Practice 3 – Interlinking Modules

14th April 2016

As part of one of my other modules (Specialist Professional Practice 3) I put together and presented a 20 minute seminar about my work to be assessed by my tutors and my peers. This was also a filmed seminar. This was an opportunity to showcase all of the professional experience I have gained over the past year, all the exhibitions, conferences, mentoring and other activities I have been a part of over the past year. I spoke about how all of this experience has shaped me as a person, but also shaped my photography and given me vision for a future in photography. I spoke about my future plans for business and how I will achieve these plans, and I dressed up as if I was going to a job interview, to present myself in the most professional light possible. Although I was quite nervous I felt that this went swimmingly and I know that I put my all into the work that I do. This links in with my Specialist Studio Practice 3 module because I have efficiently communicated to a room full of people with an in depth and exciting presentation that hopefully engaged and inspired others. I have also efficiently talked through my professional practice, everything I have learnt along the way, and explored my practical plans for my photography business in the near future.

(See folder for print out of my presentation).

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