Specialist Studio Practice 3 – Shoot towards project

17th April 2016

(left to right) Sarah, Millie & Susannah

I wanted to photograph more of a specific group of people to really analyse interactions and to capture genuine dynamics between people and intentionally focus on their relationship. I thought of three younger girls I know from Church and I contacted the three girls mums via Facebook message to arrange a time after Church the next Sunday to photograph the girls. Although this was manufactured in a sense (sitting the girls on the Church steps), I asked them questions such as: “So how do you girls know each other? and “What do you like to do together when you hang out?” and this got them interacting as if I wasn’t even there. Getting the girls engaged in conversation with each other was the key to getting those more natural shots and getting a sense of how they relate to one another. One thing led to another in the conversation and they began to talk about funny stories they had at school and other funny memories. It was really interesting because as I photographed them intentionally through a lens I actually began to see the dynamic of their friendship group and I learnt something new about each of them as individuals but also together. After a while I became invisible to them as they interacted and I realised this when I laughed at one of their jokes and they looked at me a little confused because I was joining in on their conversation/joke (which was an interesting thing for me, thinking about the photographers role and communication with the subject).

Here are my images:

I feel I have captured some excellent images here which really show the girls personality as I think they felt comfortable with me (Especially Millie & Susannah as I am yet to get to know Sarah more). I have also captured images that show the dynamics between the girls and how they are each close to one another in a different way, but are all friends too. This was a great learning experience for me as a photographer and growing in expanding my knowledge of how people interact (especially pre-pubescent girls!). I could relate to how they were with one another and I understood them quite well as I remember what it was like to be that age and having similar friendship dynamics.

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