Specialist Studio Practice 3 – External Meeting

25th April 2016

Geoff Latz Art & his P.A (and fellow artist) Angela wanted to meet up again to talk about the next step for the images of Geoff’s art work and also view all the final edits of the images I had shot for him previously. As we spoke about before with the business idea of selling framed images in Sicily, we built on this idea and spoke about how we would practically do it. We also sorted out which images they would like for each individual purpose because these images will be separated in 3 different groupings:

  • Images for Geoff’s printed portfolio to take with him to galleries etc – e.g 4 images of each piece showing the whole piece but also the details
  • Images for the business idea in Sicily – 1 of each piece as a statement image for each
  • All the images put into specific collections, e.g ‘The Egyptian collection’ (see folder for notes and list) – 1 of each piece – mainly for the Sicily business idea

He also gave me a written signiture that he wants scanning in and editing on to all of the images from the shoot(s) to avoid anyone trying to steal/claim his artwork or my images. Geoff has also been so supportive of my photography and he believes in fueling not only his own vision and goals but the visions and goals of others too. He is an avid believer of credit where it’s due and said he will make sure that I am greatly credited for the work I have put in for him.

It’s an exciting prospect knowing that my images and Geoff’s art work could be seen in different parts of the world!

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