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Specialist Studio Practice 3 – Evaluation

4th May 2016

Throughout this project I have developed my project idea and skills as a professional photographer successfully. I have shown this by:

Using my knowledge and understanding of my subject when it comes to narrative processes. I have extensively studied my subject (people) and have analysed different photographers work such as Martin Parr, Nick Waplington & Richard Billingham. I have researched and efficiently produced a 5,000 word dissertation (within another module – Specialist Photography Contexts 3) on the subjects of Portrait Photography, Social Documentary Photography, The Subjective View of the photographer, the subject and the viewer, The Informal Portrait (a mix of Portrait & Social Documentary), I have studied the work of the 3 photographers mentioned ^^^ and concluded that communication and intention are key processes within photographing people. This relates directly with my photographic practice in my final major project but also my professional practice within another module Specialist Professional Practice 3 – within which I successfully wrote a seminar paper and presented a seminar of all my professional experience gained and research towards my business and future plans within business.

I have proved my cognitive and intellectual skills through the constant communication I have proven within my folder through countless emails and messages with the people I know, photograph, have photographed for (clients), have modelled for and professional photographers within my field. I have also had conversations with many people in person on the topic of my final major project. I have communicated ideas and concepts a lot with all of the external work I have done, and also within my ability to communicate my thoughts, desires and ideas to a graphic designer to create a business logo for myself. I have problem solved within many situations with outside work down to my project work and I have used my initiative vastly. I have withheld a positive attitude even when problems have felt like they would not end. I have kept a check on my attitude and thought of ways around things instead of giving up. I have problem solved by adapting the way I talk about my project for each person that I talk to.

I have exercised practical and professional skills throughout my practice, from the way I approach people and my attitude, to the quality of work I provide and the software I use to polish it off. I have put more things in place towards launching my business than ever before, and have put much thought into how I will achieve this practically – instead of it just being a far off goal. I have presented all of my professional experience and ideas within the Specialist Professional Practice 3 module when I presented my seminar. I have also considered how I want to present my work in depth and have began to make active contributions towards making these thoughts a reality, especially towards my end of year show. I have successfully met up and discussed with my mentor – Adam Carver of Little Daisy’s Shipley and have gained extensive knowledge as well as effective solutions for my business in the future, from which I have started to make steps towards my long term goals. I have problem solved within my professional capacity by adapting the way I store my work and the way I edit afterwards. I have strived to learn quicker and more efficient ways to get the job done quickly, but to a high standard. I have clearly and solidly evaluated throughout.

I believe my key transferable skills have been evident within my creation of a survey of questions surrounding my subject, and interpreting answers from this survey that back up my project idea and images. I believe I have explored deep observations within my images in comparison and in conjunction with the statistics and answers obtained from my survey. I have efficiently used software to enhance not only my images but my methods of handling my images too. I am not a heavy editor on images such as my project where the concept is very natural and true to life, however when needed I can be extremely talented with a high skill and knowledge of how to use software to my advantage to create a final edited image. I have also used software outside of my discipline to create a video for an external business.

(See folder and prints as evidence).

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Specialist Studio Practice 3 – Selecting down – Final images & Best Practice images

2nd May 2016

Throughout this project I have learnt a lot and I see that my perception and the way I look at life & people is a unique thing. I tend to look at things through a ‘lens of understanding, empathy and love’ as people around me have said before.

Within this project I wanted to capture something ‘REAL’ – I wanted to show something authentic about people and their relationships. I wanted to capture the good and the bad… and specific moments of genuine connection and emotion between people. I have photographed throughout this semester and I feel I have achieved this with my final images:

(See prints folder for final image (1) from kids club Impact)

I feel like this project has become a part of me and I know that I will carry this project on even after I finish my degree, because it is something I am very passionate about. I also believe I have created a unique selling point within my business whilst doing this project – ‘a relationship shoot’ – where people who are in relationship with one another in whichever way this may be, can get together and have a chance to be ‘in the moment’ with one another and really bond again, with no distractions. I will ask them questions that spark them talking to each other and reminiscing but also capture them together at the same time. I believe this could also be a great idea for couples specifically who feel as though their relationship hasn’t had chance to restore e.g when the business of life gets in the way. It desire to create an environment where they can feel comfortable and connect with one another again – and also have some photos of this to cherish.

Throughout the course of this semester I have also undertaken a lot of photography work and opportunities outside of my project work. I wanted to include these in my best practice because I have put so much time and effort into these (as well as my project) with regards to collaboration, communication, editing and building a reputation for myself as a professional. I have chosen to mainly include images of people within this set because people are my main ‘practice’. People are what inspires me the most and people will be what my future business focusses on:

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Specialist Studio Practice 3 – Feedback on images

28th April 2016

I met up with my tutor and received feedback on all my images so far for my project. This was a great time and we talked about everything ‘people’ and discussed my project idea and selecting down – looking at what message I’m really trying to say and portray through this set of images. We went through each of my shoots so far and analysed through the images commenting on key elements such as focus, composition and lighting, but most importantly on facial expression, body language, emotion and positioning of people within the shot.

It was interesting though because I learnt that not everyone has the same version of what is ‘real’. For example, I know the people I have photographed so I know when they’re posing and when they’re not. I know their personalities and the relationships they have, for example who has the strongest bonds with one another etc. However I realised from comments my tutor made about the people in my images, that he was coming from his own perspective about them – being people he doesn’t know. I noticed how our perceptions of, say, children and their temperament differ from one person to another. Some people love kids and see them as little angels. Some people really don’t like children and perceive them as ‘naughty’. Some people are indifferent.

It made me think about and question the judgements that we make on people according to our own experiences or perceptions. This feedback helped me understand something beyond just a photo on a screen, but helped me understand us as humans and the way our minds work even more.

The feedback I gained also aided me in my editing and selecting process. I realised that I have to go with my instinct with these images. After all I am the one holding the passion for this project and I know my heart motives of why I started doing this in the first place.

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Specialist Studio Practice 3 – External Opportunity (Modelling)

28th April 2016

I modelled for Bailey studying on the Extended Diploma in Art & Design Photography at Bradford College. I met Bailey through a studio workshop that I volunteered to help in and model for last semester. Since then I have modelled for her numerous times and this has helped us both in moving forward with our vision and knowledge for photography & modelling/directing.

This most recent shoot however taught me something a little different to the last few times. Bailey is inspired mainly by fashion photography and this is the genre she photographs mostly. The shoots I have modelled in for her have been fashion shoots. She has directed the outfits, hair and make up throughout these shoots. This time round Bailey asked me to bring quite a few items of clothing for us to match up and make outfits of on the day. We corresponded mainly through Facebook message and we shared pictures of the clothes we were thinking of prior to the shoot (as it was a fashion shoot so the clothes were the main think linking everything together). On the day of the shoot Bailey put together some great outfit ideas (mainly trying to recreate fashion images she had as inspiration) however she asked me why I don’t dress like ‘this’ on a regular basis if I own these clothes? This question interested me and got me thinking about the way I present myself.

Whilst shooting, my class mate Suman came into the studio and started setting up for her shoot. I smiled and waved at her but at first she didn’t recognise me. She then responded with ‘Oh Olivia it’s you! I didn’t recognise you! I was thinking “I swear I know that girl from somewhere, I recognise her face…” but wow! You should really really dress like that more often, you look so smart. Why don’t you dress like that more often if you own those amazing clothes?’

This again really got me thinking about the way I present myself, and the fact that two people within the same few hours said the same thing really stuck with me (in a positive way). Usually I go for the comfort option when dressing for everyday occasions. I only usually dress up for special occasions however when hearing these comments it got me thinking about my future business and the impact I make on my clients. Does the way I present myself really make much of a difference? Yes. The fact that my colleague of 3 years didn’t recognise me at close distance says how much making an effort with my outfit, hair and make up makes all the difference, and actually expresses myself as a person. This is something I will definitely consider more in future and when I set up my business, I want to present myself as very smart but very friendly and approachable. I need to make the effort with every part of my business – even the way I present myself: because if that’s a selling point for some people then it’s very important! This was a huge learning opportunity for me.

You will find images of me from the shoot on Bailey’s Facebook page:



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Specialist Studio Practice 3 – External Meeting

25th April 2016

Geoff Latz Art & his P.A (and fellow artist) Angela wanted to meet up again to talk about the next step for the images of Geoff’s art work and also view all the final edits of the images I had shot for him previously. As we spoke about before with the business idea of selling framed images in Sicily, we built on this idea and spoke about how we would practically do it. We also sorted out which images they would like for each individual purpose because these images will be separated in 3 different groupings:

  • Images for Geoff’s printed portfolio to take with him to galleries etc – e.g 4 images of each piece showing the whole piece but also the details
  • Images for the business idea in Sicily – 1 of each piece as a statement image for each
  • All the images put into specific collections, e.g ‘The Egyptian collection’ (see folder for notes and list) – 1 of each piece – mainly for the Sicily business idea

He also gave me a written signiture that he wants scanning in and editing on to all of the images from the shoot(s) to avoid anyone trying to steal/claim his artwork or my images. Geoff has also been so supportive of my photography and he believes in fueling not only his own vision and goals but the visions and goals of others too. He is an avid believer of credit where it’s due and said he will make sure that I am greatly credited for the work I have put in for him.

It’s an exciting prospect knowing that my images and Geoff’s art work could be seen in different parts of the world!

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Specialist Studio Practice 3 – External Job

21st April 2016

Francis of Africanos World contacted me again to say he had a lot of new stock he would like me to photograph. He provided transport for me with him to the Unit in Keighley where the products are stored and the main office for Africanos World is. I set up my studio kit and he also had one so I used parts of his and parts of mine to get the white background, 2 light sources look we had carried out in previous shoots as we want to keep the shots consistent.

(See images in folder)

This shoot went better than the previous shoots as I felt I’ve finally found a process with photographing these products and they get better and better as I do more of them. This time round however Francis asked if I would just send all of the images to Matt without selecting them down, as he wanted to move things forward with the website and make it live quite soon, so I complied with his request. I feel I am learning new things all the time within photography and working with people and I know that these times of learning and experience will benefit me in the long run with my photography business.

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Specialist Studio Practice 3 – Collaboration with MUA’s

20th April 2016

I undertook another collaborative shoot with the MUA’s at Bradford College. This was again arranged between my tutor and their tutor, however communications after that were between the photographers and MUA’s. Thalia and a friend of hers on the course (Natascha – bridal model) from the previous MUA shoot also requested me again to photograph their newest looks towards their deadlines. Natascha had a 1920’s female look she wanted to photograph, and the model was the LPN Co-ordinator from the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford. I photographed her with 2 different lighting set ups and used a white background with the Octabox and a soft box to light the hair from the back. I then photographed using a black background with a beauty dish central above the model and a white card reflector under the models chin to achieve the aesthetic she was after. The model requested I also send her some of the images as she was needing a professional head shot to put on social media e.g LinkedIn for her professional role. I edited the images in black and white and sepia as requested by Natascha to go in with the 1920’s era. Both were extremely happy with the images.

While I was waiting for Thalia to finish doing her make up I also photographed a 60’s inspired look for another of the students as they were creating looks of all the different era’s. I used the white background but only used the Octabox to light the model, to achieve a high-fashion editorial look that would suit the styling. The MUA (Lauren) was overjoyed with the shots and how professional I was she said ‘I’m so happy I could actually cry!”.

Thalia and I had liaised via email and Facebook about the inspiration for her look in particular which was inspired wholly by the film Lawless. She had some images she wanted to recreate specifically so I mocked up the lighting similar to how the image was that she showed me (light coming from above to create shadows but slightly to the right to still see the detail, then added a white reflector card to the left of the model to bounce back into the shadows). She had a few different props she wanted to use so we got plenty of variants on the look to show the make up too.

Again, I learnt from my mistakes and sent all of the unedited images to the MUA’s and asked which specific shots they would like editing – which saved me hours and hours having to edit all of the images. It also meant I could focus in more on getting each image perfect for the MUA’s portfolio. Each MUA was so impressed with my work they couldn’t help but credit me on social media – as I also gave them watermarked final images as well as ones without watermarks for their portfolio.

Over all this shoot was a great success and it helped me expand my own knowledge in communication, working as a team and editing to a high standard in Photoshop.

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