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Specialist Studio Practice 3 – Evaluation

4th May 2016

Throughout this project I have developed my project idea and skills as a professional photographer successfully. I have shown this by:

Using my knowledge and understanding of my subject when it comes to narrative processes. I have extensively studied my subject (people) and have analysed different photographers work such as Martin Parr, Nick Waplington & Richard Billingham. I have researched and efficiently produced a 5,000 word dissertation (within another module – Specialist Photography Contexts 3) on the subjects of Portrait Photography, Social Documentary Photography, The Subjective View of the photographer, the subject and the viewer, The Informal Portrait (a mix of Portrait & Social Documentary), I have studied the work of the 3 photographers mentioned ^^^ and concluded that communication and intention are key processes within photographing people. This relates directly with my photographic practice in my final major project but also my professional practice within another module Specialist Professional Practice 3 – within which I successfully wrote a seminar paper and presented a seminar of all my professional experience gained and research towards my business and future plans within business.

I have proved my cognitive and intellectual skills through the constant communication I have proven within my folder through countless emails and messages with the people I know, photograph, have photographed for (clients), have modelled for and professional photographers within my field. I have also had conversations with many people in person on the topic of my final major project. I have communicated ideas and concepts a lot with all of the external work I have done, and also within my ability to communicate my thoughts, desires and ideas to a graphic designer to create a business logo for myself. I have problem solved within many situations with outside work down to my project work and I have used my initiative vastly. I have withheld a positive attitude even when problems have felt like they would not end. I have kept a check on my attitude and thought of ways around things instead of giving up. I have problem solved by adapting the way I talk about my project for each person that I talk to.

I have exercised practical and professional skills throughout my practice, from the way I approach people and my attitude, to the quality of work I provide and the software I use to polish it off. I have put more things in place towards launching my business than ever before, and have put much thought into how I will achieve this practically – instead of it just being a far off goal. I have presented all of my professional experience and ideas within the Specialist Professional Practice 3 module when I presented my seminar. I have also considered how I want to present my work in depth and have began to make active contributions towards making these thoughts a reality, especially towards my end of year show. I have successfully met up and discussed with my mentor – Adam Carver of Little Daisy’s Shipley and have gained extensive knowledge as well as effective solutions for my business in the future, from which I have started to make steps towards my long term goals. I have problem solved within my professional capacity by adapting the way I store my work and the way I edit afterwards. I have strived to learn quicker and more efficient ways to get the job done quickly, but to a high standard. I have clearly and solidly evaluated throughout.

I believe my key transferable skills have been evident within my creation of a survey of questions surrounding my subject, and interpreting answers from this survey that back up my project idea and images. I believe I have explored deep observations within my images in comparison and in conjunction with the statistics and answers obtained from my survey. I have efficiently used software to enhance not only my images but my methods of handling my images too. I am not a heavy editor on images such as my project where the concept is very natural and true to life, however when needed I can be extremely talented with a high skill and knowledge of how to use software to my advantage to create a final edited image. I have also used software outside of my discipline to create a video for an external business.

(See folder and prints as evidence).

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