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Specialist Studio Practice 3 – Feedback on images

28th April 2016

I met up with my tutor and received feedback on all my images so far for my project. This was a great time and we talked about everything ‘people’ and discussed my project idea and selecting down – looking at what message I’m really trying to say and portray through this set of images. We went through each of my shoots so far and analysed through the images commenting on key elements such as focus, composition and lighting, but most importantly on facial expression, body language, emotion and positioning of people within the shot.

It was interesting though because I learnt that not everyone has the same version of what is ‘real’. For example, I know the people I have photographed so I know when they’re posing and when they’re not. I know their personalities and the relationships they have, for example who has the strongest bonds with one another etc. However I realised from comments my tutor made about the people in my images, that he was coming from his own perspective about them – being people he doesn’t know. I noticed how our perceptions of, say, children and their temperament differ from one person to another. Some people love kids and see them as little angels. Some people really don’t like children and perceive them as ‘naughty’. Some people are indifferent.

It made me think about and question the judgements that we make on people according to our own experiences or perceptions. This feedback helped me understand something beyond just a photo on a screen, but helped me understand us as humans and the way our minds work even more.

The feedback I gained also aided me in my editing and selecting process. I realised that I have to go with my instinct with these images. After all I am the one holding the passion for this project and I know my heart motives of why I started doing this in the first place.

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Specialist Studio Practice 3 – Shoot towards project

29th February 2016

I volunteer at a kids club called Impact on a Monday night in a school hall. This week was a movie night and I thought it would be a great opportunity to photograph the children’s reactions to the film, their interactions with each other and us Impact leaders, and seeing if I can spot any emotive moments between them all. Obviously there is an issue with the parents permission here – we have permission to take photos of the children for Impact purposes, however I need to get extra permission from the parents if I want to photograph/use them for my project. So I am waiting to ask the parents before I upload any pictures of the children to the internet.

This was quite a tricky shoot because I wanted to photograph the children without them noticing me – however this was made difficult because we were in a small classroom in the school and the lights were off but one was left on, so the children could see me coming if I tried to take some pics. Thankfully the sound from the film was loud enough to mask my ‘clicks’ when photographing, but it was just a tricky shoot in general and I’m not sure I got any images that are good enough to potentially use for my project. I did spot moments but by the time I was ready to press the shutter the moment had gone. This was very frustrating.

However I plan on getting permission from the parents and hopefully having a few more attempts at photographing at Impact.


Unfortunately it was difficult for me to get permission from the parents to put these images online, however they will be in my research folder for reference.

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Specialist Technique & Process 3 – New Years Eve Photobooth

31st December 2015

Equipment used:

Canon 5D mk iii
‘Studio’ backdrop (white sheet, clamps and black frame structure)
2x Elinchrom lights
2x Umbrellas – 1 white and 1 sliver (inside)
Connector wires

On New Years Eve we held a get together at mine and my flat mates flat. We wanted to provide a great night for everyone, and me, thinking photographically, I thought it would be good to have a Photo Booth set up for our guests, so that we had images as memories from the start to the new year. I sorted all of the set up out and we had a designated time in the evening to take some photographs. We even bought some props to make it more fun!

I also wanted to take this opportunity to get some photos of everyone just naturally having fun and dancing/chatting etc. I remembered the series “Weddings, Parties, Anything” by Nick Waplington and had that style in mind whilst photographing…

I feel this experience of setting up my own Photo Booth (and trying it out on friends first) gave me an insight into what this style of set up would require when used at an event in the future:

  • Fast shots – shooting very quickly and making sure all settings on camera and out of camera are set right to just be able to fire off shots
  • Bigger back drop – my white sheet wasn’t quite wide enough for group shots so this meant a lot of post process editing. I need to look into getting a more ‘sturdy’ backdrop too – not just using a cotton cloth. This was also an issue because people were wearing shoes e.g heels that would get caught sometimes on the backdrop and it was quite frustrating for the people being photographed – plus I had to keep putting the backdrop back to how it was – just to have it messed up again!
  • Triggers – I was shooting with connector wires and at times they randomly wouldn’t work because of the angle they were in – for example if I turned the camera to portrait or landscape they sometimes wouldn’t work and people were waiting around whilst I was trying to sort out the angle of the wire so I could shoot! This was a rather large inconvenience because people would do specific poses for shots and the lights wouldn’t go off and it was difficult to re-create these shots that were lost just because the connector wire wasn’t working properly. I am currently looking into purchasing some good quality triggers as they would make things so much easier!
  • Directing people – it was easier to direct people in their positioning because they were my friends and knew my intentions were good – however in future I need to get better at directing people I don’t know as well – being firm but fair

Nick Waplington research link (write up):


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