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Specialist Studio Practice 3 – Selecting down – Final images & Best Practice images

2nd May 2016

Throughout this project I have learnt a lot and I see that my perception and the way I look at life & people is a unique thing. I tend to look at things through a ‘lens of understanding, empathy and love’ as people around me have said before.

Within this project I wanted to capture something ‘REAL’ – I wanted to show something authentic about people and their relationships. I wanted to capture the good and the bad… and specific moments of genuine connection and emotion between people. I have photographed throughout this semester and I feel I have achieved this with my final images:

(See prints folder for final image (1) from kids club Impact)

I feel like this project has become a part of me and I know that I will carry this project on even after I finish my degree, because it is something I am very passionate about. I also believe I have created a unique selling point within my business whilst doing this project – ‘a relationship shoot’ – where people who are in relationship with one another in whichever way this may be, can get together and have a chance to be ‘in the moment’ with one another and really bond again, with no distractions. I will ask them questions that spark them talking to each other and reminiscing but also capture them together at the same time. I believe this could also be a great idea for couples specifically who feel as though their relationship hasn’t had chance to restore e.g when the business of life gets in the way. It desire to create an environment where they can feel comfortable and connect with one another again – and also have some photos of this to cherish.

Throughout the course of this semester I have also undertaken a lot of photography work and opportunities outside of my project work. I wanted to include these in my best practice because I have put so much time and effort into these (as well as my project) with regards to collaboration, communication, editing and building a reputation for myself as a professional. I have chosen to mainly include images of people within this set because people are my main ‘practice’. People are what inspires me the most and people will be what my future business focusses on:

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Specialist Studio Practice 3 – Entering into AOP Student Awards 2016

30th March 2016

As a result of my encouragement and success in last years AOP Student Awards where I was chosen as 1 of 60 finalists out of 5,000 entrants and went down to London to attend the AOP student conference at Holborn Studios, a portfolio building talk at The Print Space gallery and the Finalists exhibition, I thought I would enter again this year and see how I got on. I entered one image last year as part of my module brief however this year I entered 4 images I felt were really strong from my last module (Specialist Techniques & Processes 3) but one of them was taken from a catwalk I photographed the year previous also. The category I entered into was “People: covers any form of people-photography from portraiture to street photography , photojournalism and beyond. It is an opportunity to make visual comments about the human race and its ways. In Previous ‘Portrait’ categories, animal pictures have been featured but the originators of this category feel that entries this year should feature the human race.” – AOP website. This year the categories were much more vague than last year where they were extremely structured. I quite like how they’ve done it that way in a sense because it leaves the category open to interpretation and I imagine they will get a wide range of different, interesting images. Here are the images I entered:

I entered these because I feel like they are strong in the sense that they tell a story, give an insight into how people relate to one another and gather together as humans. I love the intensity each of them has, and I believe they are aesthetically interesting because when analysing them closely there is a hub of activity happening in each composition, whether that be physical activity or mental/emotional activity.

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Specialist Technique & Process 3: Shoots over the summer

25th September 2015

I undertook quite a few jobs/projects over the summer! I figured I’d share a few from each shoot…
(A lot of these shoots also inform my practice/subject)

http://jessicagracemcguire.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/the-fashion-edit-70s-vibe.html#.VmmSS8s0pYg – my images used

http://www.stevenheath.co.uk – my images used

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Advanced Studio Practice 2B: Shoot: Adele

29th March 2015


I had liaised with Adele previous to the shoot and I asked her a few questions about places/activities related to her identity. At first she came up with a location that she had a specifically memorable experience in. However she then said she thought more about herself and her identity and how that is expressed. She then said that singing and music has always been a part of her life – through the good and the bad times. Through everything she has been through with the loss of people close to her, with the health problems she has had etc, singing and the expression this allows for her, has always got her through. Specifically singing to God because even in the hardest times in her life this has given her faith and a reassurance that everything will be ok.

We spoke and both agreed to photograph her in our church building that we both are a part of as this symbolises the reason she sings, and being a part of the church family here has allowed her to grow in her expression of singing – and evidently, herself. At first I just asked her to sing and she closed her eyes and began to express herself with her voice. It was a special and touching time as I photographed her. I then tried some posed shots with the mic. Through this I wanted to creative an indicative portrait with the mic as a symbol. I then photographed her just simply smiling at the camera with the building/windows as a backdrop.

I feel as though I definitely captured something of Adele’s character in these shots. The fact that we met up beforehand to just talk and for me to get to know her better, really helped me to understand her and we had a chance to talk about some of her experiences specifically and how music has helped her in these circumstances. I think that my connection with Adele is mirrored in these images – through her facial expression, because I sensed that she felt comfortable with me, because I was comfortable within myself, and with her.

My aim is to empower people through my photography, and show them as their true self (if they are comfortable with this). I feel that I am quite a personable person and this enables me to connect with people through photography in a really exciting way.

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Advanced Studio Practice 2B: Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Self confidence
  • Good communication skills
  • Work well with people and in a team
  • People person
  • Committed
  • Tolerant & willing
  • Reliable (stay true to my word)
  • Charismatic
  • Altruistic
  • Enthusiastic

Weaknesses (improved on):

– I feel I have become less idealistic – I have been setting myself a task thinking on a realistic scale and have achieved it. My expectations of myself have become more realistic and I don’t tend to put unnecessary pressure on myself as much.

– I have become less selfless – not in a selfish or mean way, but I have considered myself and my work as actually important to me, rather than putting other people before my needs and my dreams.

– I have become less sensitive to criticism because I have become more secure in who I am – as well as my photography work. This has come from the first point ^ of being more realistic with myself and also facing up to the person I actually am.

My self esteem hasn’t fluctuated as much this last year and I feel like I have grown in confidence more – I have done this by facing my fears head on and looking into ways to overcome them, instead of backing off from them.

– My struggle in making tough decisions feels as though it has lessened – yes I am still working on this these weaknesses, however I think my perspective on life has become less grey and more black and white. I tend to see things a little simpler these days and with less emotion than before.

– I am still working on my organisational skills and prioritising/planning ahead as these are two weaknesses in particular that affect my life and working order.


I aim to work on my weaknesses and improve my strengths as the year goes on.

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Advanced Studio Practice 2A: Strengths & Weaknesses

12th October 2014

I have taken the Myers Briggs Personality Test online and I got the ENFJ type. I found this test to pin point me rather accurately. It gave a list of strengths and weaknesses that the ‘ENFJ type’ supposedly possesses. I found myself relating to almost every one of them.

See more in my research folder for the results and list.



8th January 2015

Looking back at my strengths and weaknesses test I feel as though I have busted each of my weaknesses and become more confident in myself and my work, less sensitive and not letting things get to me as much, and now I do my work for me and not anyone else. This is encouraging to me and I want to keep growing.

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Advanced Studio Practice 2A: Conceptual self portait shoot

24th October 2014

IW9B1548-edittogether5RESIZED IW9B1573-03RESIZED IW9B1575-04RESIZED IW9B1586-04RESIZED IW9B1592-04RESIZED

Here are a few examples of the shoot and aesthetic of the image I am wanting to create. The lighting plan with the heart didn’t go as planned so I had to have an ambient light shining through a cut out of the heart on a piece of card taped to a stand on my left hand side, then block all the other ambient light out and shoot on a lower shutter speed to balance the flash of the studio light (main light source) and the brightness and colour cast of the ambient light (heart). However this was only for image 1. Then image 2,3,4 and 5 were shot only with the studio light and the heart was photographed seperately and Photoshopped in after. This enabled me to jump and get the effect with the dress that I wanted to create, because in image 1 I couldn’t move just in case the heart went out of line, so I tried creating movement with my dress to give the impression. I really wanted to be able to set most of the scene in reality rather than Photoshopping after, but it’s the way it worked out. The final product is not fully finished yet because I wasn’t able to obtain the tree prop on the day, so I am thinking I could photograph the tree then do a double exposure with both photos, or Photoshop the tree in. I also need to choose between these images ^ and which I feel depicts ‘me’, and the concept behind the shot, the most.

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