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Specialist Studio Practice 3 – Selecting down – Final images & Best Practice images

2nd May 2016

Throughout this project I have learnt a lot and I see that my perception and the way I look at life & people is a unique thing. I tend to look at things through a ‘lens of understanding, empathy and love’ as people around me have said before.

Within this project I wanted to capture something ‘REAL’ – I wanted to show something authentic about people and their relationships. I wanted to capture the good and the bad… and specific moments of genuine connection and emotion between people. I have photographed throughout this semester and I feel I have achieved this with my final images:

(See prints folder for final image (1) from kids club Impact)

I feel like this project has become a part of me and I know that I will carry this project on even after I finish my degree, because it is something I am very passionate about. I also believe I have created a unique selling point within my business whilst doing this project – ‘a relationship shoot’ – where people who are in relationship with one another in whichever way this may be, can get together and have a chance to be ‘in the moment’ with one another and really bond again, with no distractions. I will ask them questions that spark them talking to each other and reminiscing but also capture them together at the same time. I believe this could also be a great idea for couples specifically who feel as though their relationship hasn’t had chance to restore e.g when the business of life gets in the way. It desire to create an environment where they can feel comfortable and connect with one another again – and also have some photos of this to cherish.

Throughout the course of this semester I have also undertaken a lot of photography work and opportunities outside of my project work. I wanted to include these in my best practice because I have put so much time and effort into these (as well as my project) with regards to collaboration, communication, editing and building a reputation for myself as a professional. I have chosen to mainly include images of people within this set because people are my main ‘practice’. People are what inspires me the most and people will be what my future business focusses on:

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Specialist Studio Practice 3 – Survey

9th February 2016

I set up a Questionnaire for people to take on survey monkey.com & posted it on my Facebook page for people to take!


I based this survey on my proposal and the underlying theme that I am trying to show, or the reason I am doing this project – I value relationships. I think they are an integral part of the human life and I believe to be in a part of a community where we can be nurtured and nurture, and we can grow to be the people we are, is very important. I also believe family is very important because it’s our direct start in life, and our primary care-givers/direct influences/first people in our lives are a big part of shaping our characters. So with this in mind I created this survey, to get others opinions on family and to hear about others experiences.

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Specialist Technique & Process 3 – Images over Christmas – Towards my project

Christmas 2015

Over Christmas and New Year I found it the perfect opportunity to photograph my family and friends in their natural environment and at Christmas ‘do’s’/events. My aim was to capture natural reactions and the natural relationships that are present within my strong/large family & friend unit.

As I have been looking at the work of Richard Billingham, Nick Waplington & Martin Parr, I wanted to try and photograph in their styles. Each of these photographers photographed with a slightly different intention, but their styles were all ‘snapshot’ type photography and they captured specific moments. My intention would purely be to capture genuine moments, no matter how good, bad or ugly they may appear – I am looking through a lens of love, understanding and appreciation for every individual character and their quirks and the way they relate with others.

I found this a really interesting exercise and I tended to notice more intimate moments between these people – that I thought I new back to front – but I found that studying them and really analysing the way people interact (through a lens) taught me a lot more about them as humans and when to press the shutter on their way of interacting. Each person has different mannerisms and ways of relating to the people they love – so each person is individual and I had to look out for each individuals ‘moments’.

The only downside to being in such an enclosed room/space and trying to photograph people without them realising, was that they did realise at times and sometimes posed. However most of the time everyone was having such a merry time and just enjoying the festivities, and because they are used to me having my camera out at family parties – they didn’t notice being photographed.

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Specialist Technique & Process 3 – Feedback on my project

3rd November 2015

I presented my previous 3-5 images towards my project to the class and received some useful feedback. They commented on the individual connections between the people and how some were stronger images than others with regards to the context behind the subject(s).

  • Work on engineering the context more to get that relationship [between the people] fully – waiting for the moment but also with the use of angles showing the background better and giving the relationship more of a specific context
  • Creating a time/moment between people – within location & studio – YOU [myself] are the one who needs to communicate & make that happen – ask questions, reminisce on their good times, memories, get them talking about their relationship & it’s importance
  • This could be your Unique Selling Point within your business – “Take a moment…” – this could be a time for people to review their relationship, talk, and spend some time together, away from the business of every day life. Getting people together and creating a time – for them, but they’re being photographed at the same time to create further bonding (and people will probably want to buy these images more than staged/posed images where they look stiff and awkward!)

In class I instantly had a couple in mind who I wanted to photograph so contacted them straight away to try out this ‘creating moments’ idea.

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Specialist Technique & Process 3 – 3-5 images towards my project

30th October 2015

Equipment used:

Canon 5D mk iii
Canon 430EX ii speed lite flash gun

I photographed towards my project at my Auntie Geraldine’s 50th Birthday party. I was looking for special little moments between relations and looking for moments of affection between people I could photograph in a documentary style, and although I had a flash gun, I didn’t want them to always realise I was photographing them. Here are a few of the images…

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Advanced Studio Practice 2A: Conceptual self portait idea

20th October 2014

For my self portrait I am wanting to project my internal identity through external symbols. For example I want to portray my heart, my faith and growth within my life, because these are the things that I feel are the most important in life. It’s how I live my life. For example I want to show a big heart on my chest because I am very sensitive and am easily and deeply touched by things in my heart. I have a big heart for people and life. The heart is also linked in with faith. I also want to show my faith and growth by the symbol of a tree (probably a tree lamp/prop rather than a real tree!) and the actual movement of jumping forward. The dress I will wear is also part of this, because it will be floaty to represent gentleness and grace. I will also be in bare feet, to represent freedom.

I aim to shoot a full-length shot of myself in the studio on a white background, with reasonably high key dramatic lighting (e.g maybe, one large soft box lighting me and the scene, that creates soft shadows to add a little drama). I will be jumping slightly so I look like I’m moving forward towards the camera, and this will be emphasised through the movement in the dress. I will have to test this out but I will create the heart by using black card, cutting out a small heart and taping a red ‘gel’ over the heart, then taping this to another small light source so hopefully it will come out the right size on my chest, when projected. I am also contemplating whether to have the tree lamp in the shot, or in front of another light source to cast a large shadow over me, like another projection. If possible I am thinking of using the white steps in the studio to ‘walk down’ as the shutter is released. This will be quite tricky the get the heart in the right position to calculate movement. However I will see if this is possible on the day of shooting and if not will try an alternative. I will set the camera on timer on a tripod to be able to get the shot.

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Technique & Process 1B: Proposal: Shoot 1

31st March 2014 – Alana & Sion

What were the aims of this activity?

To shoot a mother and son in the studio, using the studio lighting flash to create a professional look to my images. I used a Canon 5D Mark iii. I shot on digital in colour, however wanted to turn some to black and white in photoshop to give them a certain ‘classic’ mood. I also intended to use Photoshop to use the tools I had learnt to enchance the images at every opportunity – including reconstructing the background, taking unecessary dust and hairs off of clothes, merging parts of the uneven colours of the background when the lights didn’t fire.

What did I get from doing this?

I learnt a lot about handling not only one person (which I am used to doing in the studio) but two people together, and capturing their relationship. This means not being shy to capture intimate moments between the two.
Technically, this shoot was quite frustrating in places, as because I wanted to shoot at high speed to capture each movement/look/expression, the lights didn’t have chance to recharge in time for the next shot, so some images have half the lighting they should have. This leaves some of my images shady in places where they shouldn’t be. For some of the images this works really well but for others I had to do a lot of editing to get them to look right again.
The little boy Sion had been ill the past few days before the shoot and was just getting over a bug. This made him restless and it was difficult to keep him in one place at once as he wanted to run around and have a look everywhere. This is why I had to shoot quickly and often – to be able to capture every moment possible. However! The fact that he’d been ill really enhanced this shoot because children who are ill are much clingier to their mothers – this aided me in getting such close and intimate shots.

Did I fulfill my aims?

I definitely fulfilled my aims as I managed to create high quality images with successful studio flash lighting and a variation of posed and natural shots. The client (Alana) was also very happy with the images and had one printed on a canvas for Sions 2nd birthday! (see research folder)

















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