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Specialist Studio Practice 3 – External Opportunity (Modelling)

28th April 2016

I modelled for Bailey studying on the Extended Diploma in Art & Design Photography at Bradford College. I met Bailey through a studio workshop that I volunteered to help in and model for last semester. Since then I have modelled for her numerous times and this has helped us both in moving forward with our vision and knowledge for photography & modelling/directing.

This most recent shoot however taught me something a little different to the last few times. Bailey is inspired mainly by fashion photography and this is the genre she photographs mostly. The shoots I have modelled in for her have been fashion shoots. She has directed the outfits, hair and make up throughout these shoots. This time round Bailey asked me to bring quite a few items of clothing for us to match up and make outfits of on the day. We corresponded mainly through Facebook message and we shared pictures of the clothes we were thinking of prior to the shoot (as it was a fashion shoot so the clothes were the main think linking everything together). On the day of the shoot Bailey put together some great outfit ideas (mainly trying to recreate fashion images she had as inspiration) however she asked me why I don’t dress like ‘this’ on a regular basis if I own these clothes? This question interested me and got me thinking about the way I present myself.

Whilst shooting, my class mate Suman came into the studio and started setting up for her shoot. I smiled and waved at her but at first she didn’t recognise me. She then responded with ‘Oh Olivia it’s you! I didn’t recognise you! I was thinking “I swear I know that girl from somewhere, I recognise her face…” but wow! You should really really dress like that more often, you look so smart. Why don’t you dress like that more often if you own those amazing clothes?’

This again really got me thinking about the way I present myself, and the fact that two people within the same few hours said the same thing really stuck with me (in a positive way). Usually I go for the comfort option when dressing for everyday occasions. I only usually dress up for special occasions however when hearing these comments it got me thinking about my future business and the impact I make on my clients. Does the way I present myself really make much of a difference? Yes. The fact that my colleague of 3 years didn’t recognise me at close distance says how much making an effort with my outfit, hair and make up makes all the difference, and actually expresses myself as a person. This is something I will definitely consider more in future and when I set up my business, I want to present myself as very smart but very friendly and approachable. I need to make the effort with every part of my business – even the way I present myself: because if that’s a selling point for some people then it’s very important! This was a huge learning opportunity for me.

You will find images of me from the shoot on Bailey’s Facebook page:




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Specialist Technique & Process 3 – External Opportunity – Modelling

4th February 2015

I was approached by a student in Bradford College on the F.E photography course. She had photographed me before in the studio workshop I had modelled in previously. She requested that I model for her for her final project – a Fashion photo shoot, that she had to make a front page magazine cover and spread from. I accepted this opportunity as I find modelling handy for me as a photographer, being on the other side of the camera and having that experience so I can understand it from my subjects point of view. Bailey (the student) gave me specific requests with regards to hair and make up (which I did myself) and asked for my sizes, then bought some clothes accordingly.

Throughout the shoot I had to follow instruction but also think on my feet with regards to poses, angles and lighting. Modelling I feel also gives me more of an understanding of flattering angles and lighting for models – by putting myself in their shoes! The shoot was a real success and Bailey was very happy with her images.

Here is a link to her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BJTPhotography198


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Specialist Technique & Process 3 – External Opportunity

8th December 2015

I went shopping with my Dad because he wanted to buy me some clothing as a Christmas present, so we went to the new Broadway shopping centre in Bradford. We were looking in Debenhams at coats and dresses and a lady approached us and helped us find quite a few dresses for me try on. After finding ‘the perfect dress’ and coat, the lady mentioned that the Broadway Bradford are doing a catwalk and she would like to use me as a model for her section of the store, in the catwalk. She told me to come back to see her in early February and she would sort the arrangements out with me. I think this could be a great external opportunity because of many aspects:

  • Becoming known in the city and getting myself out there (and hopefully me in my own right as a photographer, if people ask me what I do)
  • To take part in a big event in what is now considered quite a well known name in Bradford
  • This could lead to making connections with photographers who may have been employed to photograph the event
  • This will increase my confidence levels not only with a small group of people, but a large amount of people
  • This may even lead to photographic connections/jobs with me and Debenhams in the far future

Who knows! The possibilities are endless!

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Specialist Technique & Process 3 – Assisting/Modelling in a workshop

26th November 2015

I volunteered to be a model for a workshop in a studio at Bradford College. This workshop was to show students on H/E courses what the studio can offer to them as photographers and to basically advertise the B.A Hons degree as an option for them deciding what they want to do next. The tutor had two backgrounds set up – one for photographing some dancers she had hired to come in and throw poses (to help the students learn how to efficiently capture movement using the studio equipment), and one to learn how to do head shots – shooting close in with flattering lighting and for them to learn how to effectively and freely direct a model, learn how to use reflectors and what effect they give the the look of the face when in use. It was a good opportunity for them to use the lighting equipment and to put their creative ideas into practice.
This was a great opportunity for me and my colleagues who took part in helping out at this workshop – as we had the chance to direct a shoot, to adjust lighting to suit the aesthetic needed, to help teach others all that we have learnt on the course, and it really improved our confidence and proved to ourselves how far we had come and all that we had learnt!

Here are a few images taken in the workshop:

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