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Specialist Studio Practice 3 – Feedback on images

28th April 2016

I met up with my tutor and received feedback on all my images so far for my project. This was a great time and we talked about everything ‘people’ and discussed my project idea and selecting down – looking at what message I’m really trying to say and portray through this set of images. We went through each of my shoots so far and analysed through the images commenting on key elements such as focus, composition and lighting, but most importantly on facial expression, body language, emotion and positioning of people within the shot.

It was interesting though because I learnt that not everyone has the same version of what is ‘real’. For example, I know the people I have photographed so I know when they’re posing and when they’re not. I know their personalities and the relationships they have, for example who has the strongest bonds with one another etc. However I realised from comments my tutor made about the people in my images, that he was coming from his own perspective about them – being people he doesn’t know. I noticed how our perceptions of, say, children and their temperament differ from one person to another. Some people love kids and see them as little angels. Some people really don’t like children and perceive them as ‘naughty’. Some people are indifferent.

It made me think about and question the judgements that we make on people according to our own experiences or perceptions. This feedback helped me understand something beyond just a photo on a screen, but helped me understand us as humans and the way our minds work even more.

The feedback I gained also aided me in my editing and selecting process. I realised that I have to go with my instinct with these images. After all I am the one holding the passion for this project and I know my heart motives of why I started doing this in the first place.

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Specialist Studio Practice 3 – Shoot towards project

3rd April 2016

Church Family pt 2

I photographed my Church family again as I wanted to get as many shots/opportunities as possible. I was going for the same approach as last time and photographing people without them being aware of me (however some became aware and asked for pictures which are a tad more posey but still lovely!)

Here are my images:

I don’t feel I’ve got as many images from this shoot for my concept as I did in the last one, however there are a few I think work really well like the kiss between Jess & Josh (black and white) – as although the images before this one were posed, I had actually stopped photographing and then they both turned and looked at each other lovingly and gave each other a kiss (in their own loved up world! hehe). I anticipated this and immediately got my camera at the ready, zoomed in and snapped within the space of 3 seconds. You can sense the trueness of the emotion I think within Jess’ eye scrunch – as she is away with the fairies, completely consumed in the kiss. I also like baby MiMi asleep on her ‘Auntie’s’ shoulder – as this is showing the level of comfort and security she has within the arms of her Auntie. I also like the little girl in the red coat holding her mums hand looking quite bored and waiting for her mum to finish the conversation and go home (as I remember this feeling when I was a child and my mum and auntie would talk for hours and I’d just want to go home!). I think the image that really works in this set too is the body language of the hand on the back of the lady being prayed for by (Geoff). This gesture is one of true comfort, care and trust between the two. The realness of the last image also amuses me – the way Jess looks blankly into the lens whilst waiting for her food to come and being deep in thought. I also like the way Adele is talking to Abi (outside the frame) and is in full flow of explaining a story from her week. Her hand acts as an extension of Josh’s face which I find intriguing.

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